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ABHICS VIZAG We are presently providing computer training’s for companies and schools. Our Target customers mainly , those who need Quality. We trust in quality of service rather than the Business. COMPUTER TRAINING'S @ SCHOOLS ABHICS Providing 100% Paperless and Practical Computer  Training's  Program on latest AIO Computers and Projector in Vizag Schools.        At present we are supporting Vizag area schools only. we probably try to expand our services  to rest in near future. Our company name is  abhics . We Trust in Skill not in Certificate, So we never supported Books and Exams to our Gen X students. We are very thankful to our Schools Management, Parents and Students who believe us from our First Step to till date. ABHICS Supports Your Computer Need.. At present we are concentrating on Computer Training's Department, Networking Solutions and Computer Services Departments Only. S